Deep-fried Seaweed Chips 바삭고소 김부각 (80g)

Deep-fried Seaweed Chips 바삭고소 김부각 (80g)

Sea World
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Deep-fried Seaweed Chips

[Sea World]

바삭고소 김부각 (80g)

Dive into Sea World's deep-fried Seaweed Chips, crafted with care from select delicious raw ingredients! It is fried at the optimal temp to bring out the most flavor and keep it healthy with 100% natural ingredients, no additives, no colors. Deliciousness perfected!  Givin' these chips a quick zap in the microwave (max 1 min!) will make them taste even better. Just be careful not to overdo it or the flavor will suffer. But they're also a great addition to dishes like fried chix, spicy fried rice cake or salads. 

속초 중앙시장의 명물 티각태각 김부각! 가장 한국적인 간식을 집에서 만나보세요~

해양심층수를 활용하여 미네랄이 풍부하고 찹쌀의 고소함과 담백함이 담긴 김부각
아이들 간식으로도, 어른들 술안주로도 안성맞춤!

전자레인지에 1분 이내로 돌려주면 더욱 바삭한 부각을 즐길 수 있다는 점, 잊지 마세요!

  • Seaweed, flour, corn starch, glutinous rice, corn oil, white sugar, salt

    **allergen: Wheat
Net Weight:
    • 80g

    • Keep it at room temperature without direct sunlight