Spicy Beef Short Rib Soup (Frozen) 육개장 갈비탕 (냉동) (800g)

Spicy Beef Short Rib Soup (Frozen) 육개장 갈비탕 (냉동) (800g)

Samwon Garden
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[Samwon Garden]

Spicy Beef Short Rib Soup


육개장 갈비탕(800g)


Samwon garden is one of the most famous Korean BBQ restaurants serving high-quality Korean domestic meat where is often selected by Michelin Guide. We brought their Spice Beef Short Rib Soup, made with beef bone broth for deep flavor, spicy chili sauce for heat, and loads of vegetables.

미쉐린 가이드에 선정된 서울 강남 고기맛집 삼원가든에서 소뼈를 사용해 우려낸 깊은 맛 육수에 다양한 채소와 숙성 다대기를 넣은 육개장 갈비탕을 가져왔습니다. 얼큰하고 깔끔한 맛을 푸짐한 양으로 즐기세요.

How to cook

In a pot, pour the soup into a pot, boil it for 2 min.

Or put a package and heat up for 9~10 min.


beef short rib, leek, mungbean sprout, enoki mushroom, oyster mushroom, fern, chili oil, chili powder, chili paste, ginger, garlic

(It may contain traces of milk, soy, wheat, chicken, and beef) 


Keep it in a freezer

1pack : 800g (1~2 Servings)