[Ottogi] Japche [오뚜기] 옛날 당면

[Ottogi] Japche [오뚜기] 옛날 당면

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옛날 당면

Made with 100% sweet potato starch. Using Ottogi's traditional Korean method deliciously light and chewy texture. The turn into translucent when cooked. 
The noddles are made with the highest standards of quality giving your family delicious dishes. It comes in a convenient zipper bag to protect your noodles to keep them fresh and full of taste. These noodles are great for making japche, sukiyaki, soups, and dumplings. 
Mixed Sweet Potato Starch, Salt

Net Weight: 1 pack (300g)
Storage: Keep it in room temperature without direct sunlight

Chopped potatoes, carrots, mushrooms and meat. Boil them till edible and then add the curry powder. Simmer till boils. Add on to rice and you are ready to eat!