[30% Off] (Best Before 21, Feb) Dried Carrots 당근 말랭이(50g)

[30% Off] (Best Before 21, Feb) Dried Carrots 당근 말랭이(50g)

Mrs Malaenge
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[Mrs. Malaenge]

Dried Carrots




 100% Made-in-Korea dried vegetables. Mrs.Malaenge is only using top-quality fresh Korean vegetables, drying them at a low temperature keeping enzymes alive without adding any additives. Easy to keep on a shelf, handy to add extra flavors like dried herbs. There are about three carrots in a container. You can soak it in water and boil it with noodles, bulgogi, and any other side dishes.

국산 야채의 맛과 향을 응축시킨 첨가물이 전혀 들어가지 않은 깨끗하고 간편한 채소 말랭이. 당근 말랭이 한통에는 당근 3개 정도 들어가 있습니다. 물에 불려 어묵볶음 같은 밑반찬에, 소면이랑 같이 삶아 국수 소면에, 불고기 요리 등에도 다양하게 이용할 수 있습니다.


Keep it in a cool place to avoid direct sunlight.

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