Pork and Rice Soup (Frozen) 고기 가득 돼지국밥 (564g)

Pork and Rice Soup (Frozen) 고기 가득 돼지국밥 (564g)

Gourmet Gongbang
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[Gourmet Gongbang]

Pork and Rice Soup


고기 가득 돼지국밥

15시간 푹 우려낸 진한 육수에 고기 사리가 가득한 돼지 국밥입니다. 

100% 국산돼지를 사용했습니다. 기호에 따라 대파, 후추를 추가 하세요


Rich broth brewed for 15 hours, perfect meal for meat lover!

Gourmet Gongbang’s Pork and Rice Soup filled with various parts of meats in savory broth made by boiling Korea pork bone, beef bone, and beef leg bone. It is always a treat to have a bowl of pork and rice soup in the chilly weather.


    1. After defrosting, bring the soup broth and meats to a boil in a pot. 
    2. When it starts to boil, add the salt according to your personal preference.


  • purified water, pork bone and ox bone broth, salt, pork


  • Keep it in a freezer below 18 degrees Celsius.

Net Weight

  • 564g