Beef Intestine Stew (Gopchang) 1-2 people 곱창 우삼겹 전골 (1-2인분)

Beef Intestine Stew (Gopchang) 1-2 people 곱창 우삼겹 전골 (1-2인분)

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Straight from our Central Kitchen 

Beef Intestine Stew (Gopchang)

우삼겹 곱창 전골 (1-2인분)

Seoul Recipe Signature MENU. 
Spicy Korean stew made from beef tripe (intestine), vegetables and seasonings in beef broth. It contains thinly sliced beef. The stew is spicy yet gives a rich flavor and chewy texture all round. Using the freshest ingredient, the odors will be removed for a tastier meal.  
소곱창과 우삼겹이 풍부한 전골 입니다. 
진하고 고소한 향미와 쫀득쫀득한 식감을 즐기실수 있으며, 매운맛과 시원한 맛을 즐기시려면 고추와 콩나물을 추가하세요. 

SR's Choice

  • Served as a main entree with a bowl of rice
  • a glass of soju
1-2 ppl portion 
Features: Imported Korean Beef intestine  
Storage: Best to be consumed on the day of delivery 
Boil and serve with rice. Add chilli and beansprouts to make them more flavourful.