Squid Spicy Seafood Noodles (Frozen) 통오징어 짬뽕탕 (푸짐한 1인분, 730g)

Squid Spicy Seafood Noodles (Frozen) 통오징어 짬뽕탕 (푸짐한 1인분, 730g)

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[Gourmet Gongbang]

Squid Spicy Seafood Noodles


통오징어 짬뽕탕

큼직한 통오징어가 그대로 들어간 시원하고 얼큰한 짬뽕탕.

오징어와 함께 홍합, 백합조개, 꽃게도 포함되어 있는 해물 짬뽕 입니다. 

동봉된 쫄깃하고 부드러운 단호박면으로 마무리 까지 든든하게 마무리하세요. 


Spicy and hot soup noodles with whole squid and various seafood!

A whole trimmed big squid with a seasoning sauce that adds plenty of mussels, lily clams, blue crabs, and shrimp to create a realistic Jjamppong taste, completing the refreshing, hot, and spicy soup of the sea. There's also a pack of sweet pumpkin kalguksu(

Korean knife-cut noodle sou)

to make the meal more plentifully


    1. Wash the frozen seafood in running water to defrost.
    2. Put some oil in a pot and stir-fry vegetables such as garlic, red pepper, green onion, etc. (Optional step, but it will be more tasty if you stir-fry the vegetables.)
    3. Add 800-900ml of water, sauce and washed seafood and bring to a boil.
    4. When it starts to boil, add the packaged noodle and bring to a boil again.


  • Sweet pumpkin noodles, Squid, Mussels, Spicy seafood noodles sauce, Lily clams, Blue crabs, Shrimp


  • Keep it in a freezer below 18 degrees Celsius.

Net Weight

  • 730g