Beef Intestine Stew (Gopchang) 곱창 우삼겹 전골 (2kg)

Beef Intestine Stew (Gopchang) 곱창 우삼겹 전골 (2kg)

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Straight from our Central Kitchen 

Beef Intestine Stew (Gopchang)

Seoul Recipe Signature MENU. 
Spicy Korean stew made from beef tripe (intestine), vegetables and seasonings in beef broth. It contains thinly sliced beef. The stew is spicy yet gives a rich flavor and chewy texture all round. Using the freshest ingredient, the odors will be removed for a tastier meal.  

소곱창과 우삼겹, 그리고 시래기까지 넣은 특별메뉴입니다. 
야채세트와 같이 구성되어 국물을 끓이고 드실때 야채를 넣고 서빙하세요. 
진하고 고소한 향미와 쫀득쫀득한 식감을 즐기실수 있으며, 매운맛을 원하면 고추를 더 추가하세요. 

SR's Choice


  • Served as a main entree with a bowl of rice
  • a glass of soju

Net Weight: 2kg (4 people)
Features: Imported Korean Beef intestine  
Storage: Best to be consumed on the day of delivery 

Using a big pot, add the menu into it and boil them until it is ready to eat.