Beef Tokgalbi Meatball 떡갈비

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Straight from our Central Kitchen 

Beef Tokgalbi Meatball


Tteokgalbi is a Korean dish made from beef ribs, where the meat is minced and pounded on the bone. The meat is then marinated in sweet, salty and savory sauce. The skewer will be grilled to give a sweet, chewy, juicy and tender taste. 
센트럴 키친에서 선별된 고기를 직접 갈아서 직접 만든 소스로 맛을 낸 떡갈비 꼬지 입니다.
야채와 함께 꼬지로 만들어 먹기 편하게 나갑니다.

Beef short ribs, soy sauce, mirim, garlic, onion, sugar, sesame oil, black pepper

  • Good for parties or snack
  • A can of beer

Portion: 20 skewers
Features: Korean beef infused with SR sauce and some vegetables 
Storage: Best to be consumed on the day of delivery 

No need to add extra sauce as it is already seasoned. All you need to do is enjoy!