Beef Tripe (Frozen) 양대창 (냉동) (250g)
Beef Tripe (Frozen) 양대창 (냉동) (250g)
Beef Tripe (Frozen) 양대창 (냉동) (250g)
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Beef Tripe (Frozen) 양대창 (냉동) (250g)
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Beef Tripe (Frozen) 양대창 (냉동) (250g)

Beef Tripe (Frozen) 양대창 (냉동) (250g)

Monster Chef
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[Monster Chef]

Beef Tripe



The masterpiece by Beef Tripe Master Chef

Beef Tripe is an internal organ and ingredient that is hard to find, so it's also especially not easy to find a place that can make delicious beef tripe. Therefore, we are proudly introducing the Beef Tripe presented by Monster Chef, a brand specializing in cooking internal organs.

Monster Chef's Grilled Beef Tripe is marinated in a special kiwi-infused tenderloin sauce to retain only the savory flavor. The more you chew, the sweeter and savory flavor you will feel vividly in your mouth. You can grill and wrap it with vegetables such as potatoes and onions and enjoy it as a delicious side dish.

곱창 전문 브랜드 몬스터쉐프가 특별히 선보이는 양대창 구이를 소개합니다.

내장 부위는 특히나 잡내를 잡기가 힘들어 맛있는 것을 찾기가 쉽지 않죠. 

서울레서피가 그런 번거로움을 덜어드리기 위해 준비해보았습니다.

몬스터쉐프 양대창 구이는 키위를 넣은 특제 연육 소스에 버무려 잡내는 잡고, 고소한 풍미만을 살렸어요.

씹을수록 달달하면서도 고소한 풍미가 입 안에서 생생하게 느껴질 거예요. 

감자, 양파 등 채소와 함께 노릇하게 구워 맛깔난 술안주로 드셔보세요.


- Defrosting method -

Thaw in the refrigerator in packaged condition. / Defrost by soaking in running water.

- Fry Pan -

1. Grease a frying pan with cooking oil and heat the pan.
2. Put the thawed product on the pan
3. When the heat is high, reduce it to medium heat and cook it over to brown on both sides.
4. You can eat it by cutting it into bite-sized pieces.

- Air-fry -

1. Preheat the air fryer to 180 degrees
2. Add the thawed product and cook for 10-13 minutes.
3. Turn over halfway through to cook evenly.
4. You can adjust the cooking time and temperature according to your taste.

Ingredients: marinated gras-double, sauce(processed kiwi), food additive, composite seasoning, sesame oil, rosemary powder, bay powder, marinated trip

**allergen: Soybean, Wheat, Beef, Sulfurous acids

Net Weight:  Beef Tripe 200g + Sauce 50g
Storage: Keep in the freezer