[20% Off] Hanwoo Yanggomtang (Spicy Korean Prime Beef Brisket & Tripe Soup) (Frozen) [벽제갈비] 한우 양곰탕 (냉동) (500g)

[20% Off] Hanwoo Yanggomtang (Spicy Korean Prime Beef Brisket & Tripe Soup) (Frozen) [벽제갈비] 한우 양곰탕 (냉동) (500g)

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Hanwoo Yanggomtang (Spicy Korean Beef Brisket & Tripe Soup) (Frozen)


한우 양곰탕 (냉동)

Byeok-Je Korean Beef Tripe Soup is one of the top 2 Korean beef tripe soups selected by Heo Young Man. That is the first sign that Byeok-Je's soup is something special. Beef small and big intestines including brisket are well cooked making this soup rich and deep. Only premium fresh intestines are used, thoroughly cleaned, and prepped, it doesn't have an unpleasant smell at all. Fill your energy up with low-fat high-protein Korean beef intestines, also lots of vitamins and calcium. It has tasty spicy soup not strong pungent spicy.

허영만화백의 제 2대 양곰탕에 꼽힌 벽제 양곰탕을 가지고 왔어요. 깔끔하고 꼼꼼하게 손질해 잡내가 전혀없는 맛있게 매운 양곰탕. 우수한 품질의 한우 곱창, 대창, 곤자소니, 홍창, 양지를 잘 삶아서 얼큰하게 끓였다고 해요. 저지방 고단백 양곰탕으로 한끼 식사 건강하고 든든하게 해결하세요! 

How to cook?

  • Defrost in a fridge overnight, or under runny water
  • Boil in a pot
  • Once it is boiled, add an egg and turn the heat off
  • ⚠️ Do not boil over 4 min as it gets too salty


  • Try it with extra veggies(leek, cabbage, carrot, perilla leaf, zucchini), noodles, or dumplings


  • Korean beef bone broth 70%, Korean beef intestine 16%, Korean beef brisket 10%, seasoning


  • Keep it in a freezer

Net Weight

  • 500g