Mushroom Nutrition Pot Rice 솥반 버섯영양밥 (210g)

Mushroom Nutrition Pot Rice 솥반 버섯영양밥 (210g)

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[CJ] Mushroom Nutrition Pot Rice

[CJ] 솥반 버섯영양밥 (210g)


"Hetbahn", the instant cooked rice, provides essential energy. It implemented the taste of homecooked rice and changed the consumers' perception of not only commercial cooked rice, but also the food culture of Korea. 

The rice is soft and smooth due to the usage of the principle of pressured cooker and the right amount of water added. They also used Germinated rice for a healther bowl of rice. 

Shiitake Mushroom, Oyster Mushroom, Rice

Net Weight: (210g per pack)
Origin: Korea
Storage: Keep it in room temperature

Microwave heating: 1:30 - 2 minutes for one pack