Soybean Miso Paste 재래식 된장 (500g)

Soybean Miso Paste 재래식 된장 (500g)

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Soybean Miso Paste


재래식 된장 (500g)

Deonjang is a strong flavored, thick brown paste made from fermented soybeans and salt. It's one of the essential ingredients in Korean cooking. Korean home cooks have long depended on doenjang's sour-salty-rich flavor to enhance stews and soups and create ssamjang, a popular condiment used when serving flame-grilled meat in Korea.

Water, Salt, Korean-style Miso, Soybean, Roasted Soybean, Seed Malt.

Net Weight: 1 container (500g)
Storage: Keep it refrigerated