Assorted Fishcake 종합 어묵 세트

Assorted Fishcake 종합 어묵 세트

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Imported from Korea 

Assorted Fishcake

종합 어묵 세트

[SR exclusive] The Fishcake is made only from the premium Korean rice and salt. As it is gluten-free, everyone is enjoying the delicious dish. The package does not only but also has a variety of fishcakes from you to choose from. (Cheese, octopus, onion, chilli )
[SR exclusive] 국산쌀과 국산천일염으로 간을 맞춘 건강한 어묵 장우손 어묵입니다. 밀가루를 쓰지 않아 생생한 식감이 오래 유지되며 기름을 최소한으로 하여 깔끔하고 담백한 맛을 즐기실 수 있습니다.  
Net Weight: 1 pack (total 7pcs with sauce)
Features: Exclusively sold by Seoul Recipe from Busan Jangwooson, Korea
Storage: Keep it in the freezer (1ºC ~ 5ºC ) 
Defrost the fishcake and you can boil it with our Fishcake Soup Stock or stir-fry them with some seasoning.