Milkis Peach Flavored - Snoopy Edition 밀키스 복숭아 (250ml)

Milkis Peach Flavored - Snoopy Edition 밀키스 복숭아 (250ml)

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Milkis Peach Flavored


밀키스 복숭아

This item has very unique soft milk taste, well harmonized with cool carbonate. Milkis Regular is a milk-white drink, free of artificial food colors. It contains 10.9% non-fat dry milk. Milkis Strawberry, Orange & Muskmelon are enriched with Calcium, Vitamin A, C and D. It is surely a hit for those who have grown up with a traditional version of this drink! The Peach flavor also gives a whole new twist to the well-known taste.

Net Weight: 250ml (1 can)
Storage: Keep it in a cool place without direct sunlight