[30% Off] (Expires 6, Oct) Jin Seafood Ramen 진짬뽕 (520g)

[30% Off] (Expires 6, Oct) Jin Seafood Ramen 진짬뽕 (520g)

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Jin Seafood Ramen




Hot & Spicy soup, thick noodles, and plenty of seafood pulp make it real Jjambbong ramen. Soup is a liquid sauce rather than a powdered seasoning soup. The oily soup is made out of vegetables such as squid, garlic, bell peppers, onions, and pepper oil. The flavor is unique with a fresh seafood taste.  

불향까지 담은 화끈 칼칼한 국물, 두툼한 면발, 푸짐한 해물 건더기가 짬뽕 한 그릇을 담아낸 듯한 비주얼과 맛을 자랑하는 진짬뽕입니다.

  • Prepare boiling water and put the ramen and seasoning powder into the boiling water.
  • Cook it for 4 minutes after the water is boiled.
  •  Keep it at room temperature without direct sunlight
Net Weight
  • 520g (130g*4EA)