Cutlet With Chewy Noodle (2 portion, Frozen) 쫄면주는 통등심 돈까스 (2인분, 690g)

Cutlet With Chewy Noodle (2 portion, Frozen) 쫄면주는 통등심 돈까스 (2인분, 690g)

Gourmet Gongbang
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[Gourmet Gongbang]

Cutlet With Chewy Noodle

[고메 공방]

쫄면주는 통등심 돈까스

Have you heard the combination of pork cutlet and chewy noodle? Spicy chewy noodle and crispy Korean pork cutlet is the best combination to stimulate you're appetite. Also as you know, whole pork cutlet is full of protein. Enjoy a tasty and unique combo of chewy noodle and pork cutlet!

돈가스와 쫄면으로 푸짐한 한끼
돈가스와 쫄면의 조합, 들어보셨나요? 새콤달콤, 매콤한 쫄면과 바삭한 통등심 돈가스의 조합은 입맛을 돋우어 주는 최고의 조합인걸요. 통등심 돈가스는 단백질 가득한 국내산 돼지 등심이 통으로 들어가 있답니다. 창화당 비법 소스가 듬뿍 들어간 쫄깃한 쫄면과 통등심 돈가스의 조합으로 푸짐하고 만족스러운 한 끼 식사 어떠신가요?


  • Cutlet: Place frozen pork cutlet in an air fryer preheated to 180-200 degrees and cook for 12-14 minutes.

  • Chewy Noodle: 
    1. Rinse a pack of frozen noodles in running water, simmer in boiling water for 5 minutes.
    2. wash boiled noodle in cold water, and drain completely
    3. Pour 1 pack of boiled noodles and sauce into a bowl, mix well, and put pork cutlet on top and eat together.


  • Chewy Noodle: Flour, corn starch, mixed formulations, salt, red pepper paste, chili sauce, fermented vinegar, glucose, sauce, sugar processing, starch syrup, red pepper powder, sesame oil, garlic, brewed soy sauce, sodium L-glutamate
  • Cutlet: Korean Pork, purified water, bread flour, flour, sugar, shortening, soybean oil, premium battery mix, safflower oil, salt, corn starch

Net Weight

  • 690g


  • Keep it in the freezer