[Daesang] Anchovy Sauce 500ml [대상] 멸치 액젓

[Daesang] Anchovy Sauce 500ml [대상] 멸치 액젓

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Anchovy Sauce

[대상] 멸치 액젓

Daesang Anchovy Sauce is an ideal fish sauce alternative delivering the authentic flavor of anchovy. Ideal to prepare different types of kimchi dishes. In Korea, this product is popularly used in the preparation of a variety of kimchi. It is also great as a seasoning product with various dishes. The Anchovy sauce is made by fermenting anchovies with brine.

Water, Anchovy Extract, Salt, Monosodium, Glutamate E621

  • For making kimchi
  • As a replacement of soy sauce

Net Weight: 500ml
Storage: Keep it in Room temperate without direct sunlight