Dried Taro Stem -Toran 건 토란대 (50g)

Dried Taro Stem -Toran 건 토란대 (50g)

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100% Korean

Dried Taro Stem (Toran)

건 토란대

It's a specialty namul which is hard to find outside of Korea. These stems are used primarily in a famous spicy Korean stew called Yukgaejang - a spicy beef and vegetable stew

따뜻한 물에 20분정도 닮근뒤 물을 살짝 짜고 약간의 기름을 두른뒤 마늘과 함께 볶다가 연두 한스푼과 들기름을 넣고 조물조물 무치면 맛있는 토란나물이 됩니다.  
조선간장 참치액 연두 액젓등 기호에 맞게 추가해보세요. 육개장에 넣으셔도 좋습니다. 

100% Korean dried taro stem

  • As a namul
Features: 100% Korean dried taro stem + 100% Korean sesame oil 5ml
Storage: Keep it in a cool place

Soak them in warm water for 20 mins and gently squeeze. Fry little garlic and taro. Toss them in the bowl and add a small spoon of Yeondu and perilla oil. Mix them well with hand or any seasoned soy sauce (Josun soy sauce or fish sauce can be replaced).