[Fedora Coffee] Marawaka Blue Mountain (15g*5ea) [페도라커피] 마라와카 블루마운틴 (15g*5개)

[Fedora Coffee] Marawaka Blue Mountain (15g*5ea) [페도라커피] 마라와카 블루마운틴 (15g*5개)

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[Fedora Coffee]

Marawaka Blue Mountain


마라와카 블루마운틴

Marawaka Blue Mountain. Mild, nutty, and sweet flavor. A box of Fedora coffee contains 5 individual ready-to "Drip Brew" packets. Each packet has 15g of coffee grinds in a flannel drip with eco-friendly non-fluorescent pulp to extract rich and balanced coffee which makes this coffee enjoyable black. Make delicious Fresh Brewed coffee right in your cup anytime anywhere!

마라와카 블루마운틴. 부드럽고 견과류 그리고 농후한 단맛이 나는 커피입니다. 페도라커피는  박스에 5개의 융드립이커피 담겨있구요, 15g 대용량으로 더욱 진하고 균형잡힌 커피를 맛보실 수 있어요.  내린 신선한 드립 커피를 언제 어디서나 간편하게 즐기세요.

body ●●●●●
acidity ●●●●○
balance ●●●●●
bitterness ●●●●○
aroma ●●●●○
sweetness ●●●●●


How to drink?

  • Put the product in a cup, open the lid
  • Gently pour hot water over 3 times on the coffee grind until it gets wet (It is good to let it sit for a minute at 1st time of pouring for better extraction)
  • Add more hot water as per your preference.


  • Keep it at room temperature at a dry place

Net Weight

  •  75g (15x5ea)