[Jangwooson] Fishcake Soup Stock [장우손] 어묵다시 (400ml)

[Jangwooson] Fishcake Soup Stock [장우손] 어묵다시 (400ml)

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Fishcake Soup Stock

[장우손] 어묵다시

A must-have stock to make the broth for the popular Korean Street food - fishcake soup. All you need is to add the stock in boiling water with a little salt and pepper. Who's the chef for tonight?
물에 희석하여 쓰시는 어묵다시 입니다. 10-12 회 가량의 어묵탕이 가능한 용량으로 물 : 어묵다시 비율을 12:1 정도로 하여 끓이시면서 파, 무, 어묵 등을 넣어 드시면 맛있는 어묵탕이 쉽게 완성됩니다.


  • Good choice with steamed rice
  • Goes well with Seaweed and vegetables.

Net Weight: 400ml
Features: Imported from Korea 
Storage: Keep in the refrigerator 

Add 30 ml of the sauce with 450ml of water and boil with the fish cake, spring onions and radish