Curry Shabu Nabe (Frozen) 카레샤브나베 (880g)
Curry Shabu Nabe (Frozen) 카레샤브나베 (880g)
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Curry Shabu Nabe (Frozen) 카레샤브나베 (880g)
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Curry Shabu Nabe (Frozen) 카레샤브나베 (880g)

Curry Shabu Nabe (Frozen) 카레샤브나베 (880g)

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Curry Shabu Nabe 


카레샤브나베 (880g)


Fusion curry shabu nabe full of 20 years of cooking know-how in Apgujeong Alley.

It contains light pork neck, vegetables, curry broth, and apple puree, so try to fill your mouth with a soft yet rich sauce flavor. If you take a bite of the chewy Sanuki udon noodles and take a spoonful of thick soup, you will be impressed by the flavor.

As the saying goes, "what looks good outside is good inside",  Shabu-nabe, which looks like it's going to be eaten at a Japanese restaurant, won't let you down even the taste.

If you want to make the end of a normal day more meaningful, make it special with the easy-to-cook "JungeunCook's Curry Shabu Nabe."


압구정 20년의 비법을 담은, 카레의 특별한 변신 "카레샤브나베"

카레와 샤브샤브의 조합은 아마 생각도 못해보셨을거에요. 담백한 돼지 목살과 야채, 카레육수 그리고 사과 퓌레가 더해져 부드러우면서도 풍성한 소스 맛을 입 안에 가득 담아보세요. 쫄깃 쫄깃한 사누끼 우동면을 한 젓가락 집어먹은 후, 진한 국물을 한 숟가락 떠먹으면 그 풍미에 감탄을 자아낼거에요.

보기 좋은 떡이 먹기도 좋다고, 일식집에서 먹을 것 같은 화려한 비주얼의 샤브나베는 그 맛까지도 기대를 저버리지 않는답니다.

평범한 하루의 마무리를 의미 깊게 장식하고 싶다면, 간단히 조리할 수 있는 "정은쿡 카레샤브나베"로 특별함을 갖추세요. 



  1. Defrost all the ingredients
  2. Wash the udon noodles in running water, place them on a sieve, and drain
  3. Cut the pork in half and remove the blood with a kitchen towel
  4. Put 400ml of water and curry sauce in a pot and boil over high heat
  5. When the curry broth starts to boil, add all vegetables, mushrooms, and pork and boil over high heat for 4 mins
  6. Put udon noodles in a pot and boil them over high heat for a min to complete


  • Sauce: Japanese Curry(Possible inclusion of genetically modified corn and soybean), onion, apple puree, butter
  • Noodle: flour, food starch, sea salt, pork, onion, green onion, cabbage, oyster mushrooms, king oyster mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, carrot


  • Please keep it frozen below 18 degrees Celsius.

Net Weight

  • 880g