Konjac Noodle Cup (Jjajang) 라이틀리 바로먹는 곤약면 (짜장, 100kcal) (228g)

Konjac Noodle Cup (Jjajang) 라이틀리 바로먹는 곤약면 (짜장, 100kcal) (228g)

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Konjac Noodle Cup (Jjajang)


라이틀리 바로먹는 곤약면 (짜장)

Perfect late-night supper during diet
When you crave noodles on an ambitious night, you can try to hold it in, but when you can't stand it, choose the konjac noodles that you eat right away, which gives you a feeling of fullness without any calorie burden. It is an authentic jajang sauce with black bean sauce and oyster sauce, and the flavor of jajangmyeon remains the same and only calories are reduced.
식단관리 곤약면 짜장맛입니다. 야심한 밤에 면 땡길때 많으시죠, 꾹 참으셔도 좋지만, 도저히 못참겠다 싶을때 칼로리 부담 없이 든든한 포만감을 주는 바로먹는 곤약면을 선택하세요. 
춘장과 굴소스가 들어간 정통 짜장소스로 짜장면 풍미는 그대로, 칼로리만 쏙 줄였어요. 
  • Konjac noodles , purified water, sugar, jajang powder, soy beans, salt, apple juice
Net Weight
  • 228g
  • Keep it in room temperature

  1. Sift the konjac noodles and rinse them under running water.

  2. Drain and place in a microwavable container

  3. Add jajang sauce and jjajung additional sauce, mix with noodles, and microwave for 1 minute