Chocolate Madeleine (Frozen) 초코마들렌 (냉동)(25g)

Chocolate Madeleine (Frozen) 초코마들렌 (냉동)(25g)

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Chocolate Madeleine



Rich chocolate bittersweet, 🍫 here comes Chocolate Madeleine from Moowhadang. As it is made by Moowhadang, there is no sugar or gluten added, instead, they use monk fruit as a sweetener and almond flour as a gluten-free flour. Yet its texture is amazingly light and soft. You will taste the scrumptious chocolate along with the heavenly butter taste. Such a great snack when you are on a ketogenic diet or just for the family as a healthy option!

녹진한 초콜렛의 쌉쌀 달콤한 초코 마들렌이에요. 무화당 제품이니까 당연히 당이 없고요, 밀가루를 쓰지 않아요. 설탕대신 나한과, 밀가루대신 아몬드가루를 쓴답니다. 맛으로 할것같으면 초콜렛과 버터의 조화, 말해 뭐해요! 글루텐 프리가 믿기지 않게 포슬 촉촉하게 촉감이 부드럽습니다. 죄책감없이 입이 즐거운 간식, 건강하게 챙겨보세요! 


  • butter, egg, almond flour, heavy cream, monk fruit , dark chocolate, soy bean, cocoa powder, baking powder, rum


  • Keep it in a freezer
  • Once it is opened, keep it in a fridge
  • Defrost at room temperature

Net Weight

  • 25g