[Ottogi] Jin Spicy Cold Ramen [오뚜기] 진비빔면

[Ottogi] Jin Spicy Cold Ramen [오뚜기] 진비빔면

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Jin Spicy Cold Ramen




Chewy cold ramen soaked into a spicy soup. It's very flavorful and appetizing! You can put some vegetables to cook together or serve it with Kimchi.

쫄깃하고 찰기있는 면에 사골국물 베이스에 숙성된 매운맛이 조화된 진하고 얼큰한 맛의 진라면

Storage: Keep it in room temperature without direct sunlight

Prepare boiling water and put the ramen and seasoning powder into the boiling water. Cook it for 4 minutes after the water is boiled.