[Ottogi] Wasabi Paste [오뚜기] 연와사비

[Ottogi] Wasabi Paste [오뚜기] 연와사비

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Wasabi Paste

[오뚜기] 연와사비

Ottogi Wasabi is made of Japanese horseradish that grows in the form of a gnarled root in the mountain regions of Japan. Wasabi paste can be used directly from the tube for sushi and sashimi. The very hot Ottogi Wasabi is also very suitable for refining Japanese soups and for flavoring soba dishes and dim sum.

Wasabi Powder 75%, Mustard Powder 21.5%, Rice Powder,Carthamus Yellow, Gardenis Blue, Oloeresin Capsicum, Vitamin-C

Net Weight: 1 Pack (100g)
Storage: Keep it in room temperature without direct sunlight

Enjoy with gimbap, sushi rolls, or roasted fish