Premium Whole Korean Cabbage Kimchi 프리미엄 포기김치 (3kg)

Premium Whole Korean Cabbage Kimchi 프리미엄 포기김치 (3kg)

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Premium Whole Korean Cabbage Kimchi


프리미엄 포기김치 (3kg)

Seonnongwon, a renowned kimchi-making specialist with 27 years of heritage, produces Premium Whole Korean Cabbage Kimchi made of 100% Korean agricultural ingredients and pears, chestnuts, pine nuts, and sesame seeds, giving it a delectable, savory flavor. This kimchi maintains its deep umami and crunch thanks to Seonnongwon’s secret recipe. Every single cabbage is filled with a selection of domestic ingredients carefully chosen for their health benefits. This premium kimchi provides an optimal balance of crisp texture and sweet flavor, making it the ideal accompaniment for a traditional bossam dish enhanced with succulent cuts of meat.

어느덧 김장철이 다가오고 있어요~ 손수 담근 김치도 너무 맛있지만, 직접 김장이 어려운 분들을 위해 선농원이 홍콩에 찾아왔습니다!

선농원 김치는 엄선된 국내산 농산물과, 시원하고 깔끔한 맛을 위해 푸짐하게 넣은 무채와 무즙으로 감칠맛이 일품이랍니다. 계절, 시기별 계약재배된 농산물에 국산 소금과 새우젓으로 항상 최고의 품질을 유지하는 선농원 배추김치, 수육과 함께 드셔보세요~

  • Pickled cabbage, radish, red pepper powder, pear, salted shrimp, chives, soy sauce, garlic, sugar, chestnuts, vegetables, green onions, ginger, roasted sesame seeds, pine nuts, onions, fish sauce, salt

    **allergen: Shrimp

  • Keep it in an air-tight container in the fridge.
Net Weight
  •  3kg