YONDU - Seasoning Sauce 요리 에센스 연두 순 (275ml)

YONDU - Seasoning Sauce 요리 에센스 연두 순 (275ml)

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YONDU - Seasoning Sauce 

요리 에센스 연두 순

YONDU is a pure vegetable essence fermented with soybeans and boiled vegetables. Beans contain three times more major amino acids than natural beef, anchovies, and shiitake mushrooms, and have no strong taste and aroma. YONDU, a fermented soybean, helps you enjoy the natural taste of the ingredients without sacrificing the flavor of the ingredients.

YONDU is a clear liquid product containing clear soybean fermentation solution that is clear and transparent to make cooking clean and beautiful.

Easy and delicious with only vegetables and green beans. 
Enjoy easy and delicious vegetable dishes with green beans. Stir-fry the vegetables with only the green beans. Now, cooking vegetables is not difficult.
요리가 즐거워 지는 우리맛 요리 에센스 연두. 콩을 발효하고 야채를 우려낸 순식물성 요리 에센스 입니다. 재료의 참맛을 살리면서 요리의 풍미가 깊어지며 투명한 빛깔로 요리의 색을 해치지 않아 정갈합니다. 

Fermented soybean broth, vegetable stock, sea salt, and water

Net Weight: 1 bottle (275ml)
Storage: Keep it in Room temperature without direct sunlight