[Seoul Recipe] Gimbap Set (3 Rolls) 김밥 세트 (3줄)

[Seoul Recipe] Gimbap Set (3 Rolls) 김밥 세트 (3줄)

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[Seoul Recipe]

Gimbap Set (3 Rolls)


김밥 세트 (3줄)

Korean style sushi! Seaweed rice roll made of various ingredients. The most classic Kimbap would be vegetables and beef bulgogi as the main ingredients. We have added different options for you to choose from! Order and Enjoy!  

*Pictures are for reference only.

Korean Sesame leaf, carrot, lettuce, egg, fried tofu, cucumber, pickled radish, Rice, Seaweed paper

  • Great for lunchbox 

Net Weight: 1 Tray
Features: 3 Choices:
1) Option 1: Beef Bulgogi, Fried tofu, Spicy Pork
2) Option 2: Tempura Prawn, Fried tofu, Fishcake
3) Option 3: 6 rolls (all of the above)
Storage: Keep in the refrigerator for 2 days but best to consume upon arrival