Sweet & Spicy Pollack Strips 명태회 무침 (130g)

Sweet & Spicy Pollack Strips 명태회 무침 (130g)

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100% Imported from Korea

Sweet & Spicy Pollack Strips

명태회 무침

The sweet & spicy pollack strips, an authentic & traditional fermented seafood, is thinly sliced and packaged in a tight-sealed container. High in protein, vitamin, and mineral contents, it has a sweet and spicy taste.  

Pollack Fish Strips, Chilli Paste, Chilli Powder, Sugar, Seasoning

  • Good choice with steamed rice
  • Goes well with Seaweed and vegetables.

Net Weight: 130g
Features: Produced in Korea 
Storage: Place the salted squid tightly sealed and keep in the fridge. 

Instruction: Mix it with steamed rice and lettuce with a bit of sesame oil or just have it on the side.