Veggie Pickle 채소피클 (700g)

Veggie Pickle 채소피클 (700g)

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Sweet, Sour and Fresh

Veggie Pickle

채소 피클

Korean style pickle that was more popular in the Korean community in LA. Using multiple vegetables it is salty, sweet, and sour and has a very crispy texture and sweet sour salty herby flavor.   

더운 날씨에 핑크 히말라야솔트와 한국에서 온 아삭하고 시원한 오이로 만든
새콤 달콤한 피클로 입맛을 한층 돋구어 보세요! 🌿

Pink Himalayan salt, cucumbers, carrots, onions, peppers

  • Refreshing appetizer or side dish

Net Weight: 700g
Storage: Keep in the fridge for 4 days but best to be consumed upon arrival