Fresh Seasoned Cabbage 한국산 봄동 (200g)

Fresh Seasoned Cabbage 한국산 봄동 (200g)

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Directly flown from Korea

Fresh Seasoned Cabbage

한국산 봄동 (200g)

One of the representing Korean spring vegetables, this is temporary for spring. Don't miss the chance can feel the Korean spring!

한국에서 신선하게 직배송 된 무침, 비빔밥, 된장국 등 어떤 요리에도 아주 잘 어울리는 봄채소의 대표 주자 봄동입니다.

Seasoned Cabbage

  • Eat freshly or make it salad 

Net Weight: 200g
Features: Freshly imported from Korea
Storage: Keep it in the fridge