[Seoul Recipe] Korean Style Onion Pickle 양파 장아찌 (500g)

[Seoul Recipe] Korean Style Onion Pickle 양파 장아찌 (500g)

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양파 장아찌

Korean Style Onion Pickle


The Korean Style of pickles is fermented and seasoned with soy sauce and sugar. The taste is a delicious mixture of sweet, sour, and salty. The pepper is not overly spicy and can be served with a bowl of rice with a bit of brine for a tasty snack.   

한식, 양식 어디에 곁들여도 좋을 양파 장아찌를 맛보세요.
상큼 달콤하면서도 알싸한 매운맛이 입맛을 돋우는 데는 최고일 꺼예요.
먹기 편하게 송송 썰어서 준비했으니, 간편하게 여러 요리에 곁들여 드세요!

  • Onion, water, soy sauce, sugar, vinegar 

  • Good choice of spicy side dish with a bowl of rice
  • Better taste with BBQ 

  •  Place the Kimchi tightly sealed and keep it in the fridge. 

Net Weight
  •  1pack, 500g