[Seoul Recipe] Bibim Vegetable Pack 비빔 나물 팩 (500g)

[Seoul Recipe] Bibim Vegetable Pack 비빔 나물 팩 (500g)

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[Seoul Recipe]

Bibim Vegetable Pack


비빔 나물 팩 2인분

The Bibim Vegetable Pack in Seoul Recipe has been made fresh. Known in Korean as "Namul" is a traditional Korean side dish made from fresh vegetables which are pickled or seasoned. As a good source of nutrients, it is consumed in everyday meals.  
신선한 재료로 바로 만드는 서울레서피의 비빔 나물 팩입니다. 반찬으로도 비빔밥에 넣어 드시기에도 좋게 시금치, 당근, 콩나물, 버섯, 무나물 등 골고루 담깁니다. 

*Photos are for reference only.


  • Seasoned Spinach, Seasoned Beansprout, Mushroom, Zucchini


  • Served as a side dish 
  • Mix the bibim vegetables together with Korean chilli paste and you have bibimbap

Net Weight:

  • 500g (with sauce)


  • Best to be consumed once delivered. Keep in the refrigerator for maximum 2 days.