Crab Fish Sauce 꽃게 액젓 (480ml)

Crab Fish Sauce 꽃게 액젓 (480ml)

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Crab Fish Sauce


꽃게 액젓 (480ml)

For a dish that's beyond delicious, fish sauce is the secret ingredient.
It adds that salty, umami flavor to everything from raw radish veggies to kimchi. Want to level up your cooking game? Give Mija's crab fish sauce a try. With a perfect pairing of domestic anchovy fish sauce, salted shrimp, and crab, plus a dash of garlic, ginger, kelp, and onions, your taste buds will thank you. If it's your first time using fish sauce, start small and mix it in with other seasonings. Soon enough, you'll understand why it's a must-have in every kitchen.


  • Anchovy fish sauce, salted shrimp, crab, green onion, onion, garlic, ginger, kelp, sea salt, brewed soy sauce, licorice extract, purified water, alcohol
    **allergen: Soybeans, wheat, shrimp, crab


    • 480ml


      • Keep it at room temperature without direct sunlight