[Seoul Recipe] Homemade Soup / Stew With Side Dishes 찌개 (2ppl) (800g)

[Seoul Recipe] Homemade Soup / Stew With Side Dishes 찌개 (2ppl) (800g)

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[Seoul Recipe]

Homemade Soup / Stew 


찌개/국  (2ppl) (800g)


In a pot of soup for lunch or dinner? Seoul Recipe is here to cater the soup base for your every need. Different soup has different ingredients and portions let us know what you like and we are here to prepare. 

Purely prepared and made in our kitchen with fresh ingredients and homemade broth.

We use 100% sesame oil, Himalayan salt to taste for side dishes. 

Organic, non GMO tofu used 

Korean Cabbage kimchi used 

NO MSG added 

Since they are cooked freshly upon your order, please enjoy right away (boil it in the pot) or keep in the fridge ( consume within 24 hrs), or freeze it right away. 


저희 키친에서 손질하고 육수 직접 우린 홈메이드 찌개와 국 셀렉션 입니다.

100프로 참기름, 히말라얀 솔트, 신선한 양념으로 매일 매일 만들어 나가며, 바로 끓여 식혀 나가기 때문에 냉장고에 넣으시면 하루 안에 드시거나, 아님 바로 냉동하는 것을 권장합니다. 

All Kimchi is used 100% KOREAN KIMCHI and FRESHLY COOKED 
Customised Option:
1. Seafood Tofu 해물 순두부 
2. Beef Tofu 소고기 순두부 
3. Seafood Soybean Paste 해물 된장찌개 
4. Kimchi Pork 김치 목살 찌개 (한국김치)
5. Kimchi Seafood 해물 김치 찌개 (한국김치) 
6. Kimchi Tofu (Vegetarian) 김치 두부 찌개 
7. Tofu veggie Soybean Paste (Vegetarian) 야채 두부 된장찌개 
8. Dried Pollack Fish 북어국 
9. Beef Seaweed 소고기 미역국 
10. Tofu Seaweed 두부 미역국 
11. Galbi cabbage mountain veggie soup  갈비 우거지 국
Net Weight: 2 ppl portion (800-900g) 
Storage: Best to be consumed once delivered. Keep in the refrigerator for maximum 2 days as we freshly cook when we receive order