Fried Rice Cake & Seaweed Rolls 떡강정 김말이 세트

Fried Rice Cake & Seaweed Rolls 떡강정 김말이 세트

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Straight From Seoul Recipe Kitchen 

Fried Rice Cake & Seaweed Rolls

떡강정 김말이 세트

The set comes with our Fried Rice Cakes and Fried Seaweed. Fried rice cakes are glazed in sweet and sticky corn syrup which makes the outside texture slightly crispy, and soft chewy inside. Seaweed Roll is also crispy outside and has soft noodles inside with a savory taste.

Every single bite is extremely A+ flavourful, you and your friends will gobble up the whole plate at a glance.

  • Perfect for parties and any celebration occasion 

Rice Cake, Rice Flour, Chilli Paste, Chilli Powder, Corn Syrup, Spring Onion Oil, White Pepper, Himalayan Pink Salt, Seaweed, Japche Noodle

Net Weight: 800g (2 - 3 ppl) / 1.5kg ( 4 - 5 ppl)

Storage: Best to be consumed once delivered. Keep in the refrigerator for maximum of 2 days