[Seoul Recipe] Korean Chilli Powder 고춧 가루 (200g)

[Seoul Recipe] Korean Chilli Powder 고춧 가루 (200g)

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Produced in Korea  

 Chilli Powder

고춧 가루

Used in most of the Korean dishes is the chilli powder. This spice is used from making kimchi, side dishes, and the delicious stews and sauces. 
굵은 고춧가루와 고운 고춧가루 중에 선택하여 주문하세요. 한국에서 가공한 중국산 고추가루 입니다.  

Chilli Pepper (origin of the product : China/ processed in Korea) 
  • Goes well with anything. 
  • Used as spice
Net Weight: 200g
Features: Choice of (1) Thick Chilli Powder  (2) Fine Chilli Powder
Storage: Keep in the refrigerator or room temperature