Korean Pancake Set 전 세트

Korean Pancake Set 전 세트

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Korean Pancake Set

전 세트

A classic snack or side dish is packed with varieties of pancakes flavored with sesame and chilli. SR has a combined all the pancake specialties in one set! Enjoy! 
다양한 한국식 전을 한입크기로 즐기세요 
부추전, 새우김치우엉전 동태전등 그날에 따라 맛있게 만들어드립니다. 


3 Kinds Of Pancakes
  • Pollack Fish
  • Kimchi Prawn
  • Chive 
  • Good choice for every meal
  • Perfect match with Korean  Makgeolli rice wine 
Net Weight: 20 - 25 pcs per Tray 
Features: 3 different kinds of pancakes
Storage: Keep in the fridge for 2 days but best to be consumed upon arrival (reheat in microwave or frying pan)