Namdaemun Market Jumbo Size Dumplings (Frozen) 남대문시장 가메골왕만두 (냉동) (340g)

Namdaemun Market Jumbo Size Dumplings (Frozen) 남대문시장 가메골왕만두 (냉동) (340g)

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Namdaemun Market Jumbo Size Dumplings (Frozen)


남대문시장 가메골왕만두 (냉동) (340g)

Enjoy the famous flavors of Namdaemun Market even without waiting in line!

Introducing Namdaemun Market's Jumbo Size Dumplings, or as we like to call them, Gamekol Mandu! Made with the freshest ingredients including juicy pork, crunchy onions, and savory kimchi, these dumplings are sure to please your taste buds. And don't forget, the dumpling skin is aged at a low temperature and infused with milk for an extra tasty kick! Get your hands on this special Namdaemun Market dish and taste the unique flavor right at home.


  • Microwave: Lightly sprinkle water on the surface of the frozen dumplings, place them in a sanitary pack or special container, and microwave them (at 700w) for 1 minute and 30 seconds. (based on 1 dumpling)


  • (Pork) Flour, purified water, onion, pork, beef fat, chives, vermicelli, green onion, tofu, dried radish, milk, mixed soy sauce, cabbage, soybean oil, sugar, defatted soybeans, garlic, yeast, refined salt, wheat fiber, ginger, baking. Powder, flavored oil, pepper powder, sesame oil
  • (Kimchi) Flour, kimchi, purified water, onion, green onion, chive, vermicelli, tofu, dried radish, milk, white sugar, mixed soy sauce, soybean oil, defatted soybean, yeast, garlic, refined salt, red pepper seed oil, red pepper powder, wheat fiber, ginger, baking powder , flavored oil, pepper powder, sesame oil

    **allergen: Wheat, soybeans, pork, milk, shrimp, beef


  • Keep it in a freezer below 18°C

Net Weight

  • 340g (85g x 2ea pork, 2ea kimchi)