Osatsu Sweet Potato Chips 오사쯔 (52g)

Osatsu Sweet Potato Chips 오사쯔 (52g)

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Osatsu Sweet Potato Chips


오사쯔 (52g)

Munch on these delicious Osatsu Sweet Potato Chips for a perfectly balanced snack. Get your crunch on with the crispy texture and enjoy a sweet and soft taste. Every bite contains dietary fiber, so you can snack away with peace of mind. Yum!

  • Wheat flour, steamed sweet potatoes, corn starch, sweet potato starch, white sugar, salt, calcium carbonate, palm olein oil, canola oil, milk calcium, sweet potato seasoning
    **allergen: this product is manufactured in the same manufacturing facility as products using eggs, soybeans, pork, tomatoes, shrimp, peanuts, and peaches.

Net Weight
  •  1 pack (52g) 
  • Keep it in room temperature