Pickled Radish (Himalayan Salt Added) 치킨 무  (250g)

Pickled Radish (Himalayan Salt Added) 치킨 무 (250g)

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Non-artificial colored

Pickled Radish

치킨 무

The Radish known to be a fabulous food to add color, crunch and taste in many dishes. This pickled radish is made specially for chicken bites and fried chicken.    
천연 색소인 비트로 예쁘게 색깔을 낸 쌈무입니다.
치킨이나, 한국식 고기 구이와도 잘 어울리는 상큼한 반찬입니다.

Radish, himalayan salt, vinegar, sugar

  • Best side dish with Fried Chicken
  • Goes well with pork belly and/or other meat

Net Weight: 250g
Features: Did not use artificial color 
Storage: Tightly sealed and keep in the fridge. 

Instruction: Mostly consumed with fried chicken and chicken bites