[Seoul Recipe] Pickled Radish with Beet 비트 쌈무 (170g)

[Seoul Recipe] Pickled Radish with Beet 비트 쌈무 (170g)

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Non-artificial colored

Beet Radish Pickle

The Radish known to be a fabulous food to add color, crunch and taste in many dishes. Made only using natural colored from the beetroot you can use it as an ingredient for Gimbap, seaweed rolls, and of course BBQ.    
천연 색소인 비트로 예쁘게 색깔을 낸 쌈무입니다.
치킨이나, 한국식 고기 구이와도 잘 어울리는 상큼한 반찬입니다.
Radish, Beet, salt, vinegar, sugar

  • Best side dish with Fried Chicken
  • Goes well with pork belly and/or other meat

Net Weight: 1pack, 170g
Features: Did not use artificial color 
Storage: Tightly sealed and keep in the fridge. 

Instruction: Mostly consumed with lettuce and Sesame leaves with BBQ meats