Anchovy Sauce for Grilled Pork Belly 삼겹살 제주식 멜젓소스 (325g)

Anchovy Sauce for Grilled Pork Belly 삼겹살 제주식 멜젓소스 (325g)

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Anchovy Sauce for Grilles Pork Belly


삼겹살 제주식 멜젓소스 (325g)

If you're looking to spice up your next camping or at-home meal, this Pork Belly Mellow Sauce is sure to hit the spot! Made with the famous flavors of a famous meatshop in Jeju, it adds the perfect blend of garlic, chili, and ginger - giving those tastebuds something to talk about. Get ready for your meal to 'mellow out' with this sauce!

제주도 흑돼지 하면 가장 먼저 떠오르는 게 멀까요? 바로 흑돼지 구이에 찍어먹으면 별미인 멜젓소스가 생각나실 거예요. 제주도에 가야만 먹을 수 있었던 그 맛을 이제 집에서도 즐기실 수 있게 준비했어요. 한 번 맛보면 멈출 수 없을 거예요!


Shake well become consumption. Store it at room temperature without direct sunlight and keep it in the fridge when opened.

Net Weight

  • 325g


  • Anchovy broth, kelp, garlic, salt, soy sauce, chili, chili powder, vinegar, shrimp extract, ginger, oyster concentrate
    **allergen: Wheat, Soybean, shrimp, shellfish)