[Seoul Recipe] Fried Chicken 후라이드 치킨 (10pcs / 20pcs)

[Seoul Recipe] Fried Chicken 후라이드 치킨 (10pcs / 20pcs)

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Cripsy and Boneless 

SR Fried Chicken

후라이드 치킨

The addictively crunchy exterior and juicy meat inside, enjoyed by everyone! The SR Fried Chicken is fried with clean oil and will have less grease once you take a huge bite out of them. Since it's boneless, you can gobble a whole piece without the need to stop.   

서울레서피 후라이드 치킨
서울 레서피만의 레서피로 튀긴 후라이드 치킨입니다.


Chicken, Black Pepper, Potato Starch, Oil, Sesame, Frying Powder 


  • The best party food! 
  • Dip it in spicy sauce for a different flavor
  • Chimaek!  (aka Chicken + Beer) 🍻

Net Weight:

Regular 10pcs (3-4ppl) / Large 20pcs (6-8ppl)


Use one whole chicken


Keep in the refrigerator for 2 days but best to consume upon arrival